The Nowders and the village of Nauders are located in the gorgeous valley Hochtal, the valley of the so called Silent Stream (Stillebach), right on the border triangle between Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Around the year 50 AD, the Romans built the road Via Claudia Augusta over the Reschen Pass, through “Nudres” and up to the German city of Augsburg. To this day you can see the strong Rhaeto-Romanic influences from that time in the village. In the 10th century, Nauders belonged to the county of Vinschgau. After the Swabian wars (1475), the Treaty of Basel brought peace to the village and the entire region. It was at this time that our house was built. The regional office for monument protection dates the origin of our house back to the 15th century.

Our house later survived severe natural phenomena such as the avalanche in 1609 that buried almost the entire center of the villiage wiping out 22 buildings. In 1799, the French invaded the village and looted, pillaged and destroyed many facilities, especially the food supplies of the local people. In 1871, a debris avalanche, coming from the valley Gamoarttal, put the stability of our house to a test. About ten years later, in 1880 the a blaze destroyed almost the entire village, but Nowders, then a servant’s house, made it through only partially damaged.

In 1960, the Nowders was converted from a small farmhouse into a manor and then, in 2016, it was completely renovated and revitalized. Today, it is a charming place for a high-quality stay during the most beautiful time of year. Holiday, vacation in the Nowders in Nauders!