Nauders - Nowders

Let’s begin with taking a look around. Our neighbours…

Samnaun-Ischgl, Scuol, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Kaunertal Glacier, Merano, Sulden/Ortler, Stelvio Pass, Bormio, St. Moritz, Innsbruck… in order to compete with these great locations you really have to offer top quality. This is what inspired the revitalization of Nowders – high living.


Another influential factor is the dialogue between the mentalities of Engadin, Vinschgau and the Tyrol. And what is so special about Nauders? Duty-free shopping in Samnaun in Grisons, a Mediterranean flair in Alto Adige or a traditional Tyrolean evening in a mountain cabin with music and food, to name just a few things…
Discover our world, discover your paradise.

Between après ski and nightlife!

Sure, it is great to relax and enjoy some quiet time. But sometimes you just have to get out. And in Nauders you have it all: international hot spots as well as traditional rural locations where you can meet and socialize with local fishers, hunters, and mountain and skiing guides. You won’t believe your ears.

The fresh air…!

Healthy in every way! Thanks to the sunny bracing climate with little rainfall, the summer season extends into autumn, and adds a blaze of colors in warm shades which you can’t take your eyes off of. With an altitude of about 1,500 m, Nauders is also located in the non-allergic zone. Your airways will appreciate your choice!

Pollen and dust mite allergy

The altitude of the Nowders – high living at almost 1,500 m kills practically all dust mites. This has been is proven in various studies carried out by the University of Innsbruck. Due to the climatic conditions, pollen and dust mites don’t stand a chance.

Mould allergy

Also in this case the altitude of our house is an advantage. According to a report by the University of Innsbruck, the pollution of mould spores is so low, that no allergic effects can be found.

Hypersensitive bronchial system

In order for our guests to experience a pleasant stay with fresh air – not only outside in the wonderful countryside but also in their apartment – smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire building. Smoke is a stimulus for the bronchial system and a proven problem for respiratory allergies.

Allergy to pet dander

Pets are strictly prohibited at the Nowders. Thank you for understanding.

Allergic asthma

Our high-alpine climate tends to be dry. All rooms can be aired individually.

Grander water!

The core element of GRANDER® Water Revitalization is water.
The active medium known as “information water” in the GRANDER® Water Revitalization units consists of water with a high internal order and stability – made according to the special process and knowledge of Johann Grander.
Through its high internal order this information water is able to transfer natural information and vibrations even to non-revitalized water without ever coming in contact with it. In this way, water is naturally stabilized and biologically improved.

Revitalized drinking water

Drinking 2 liters a day is important, however it’s not just the quantity that is important for our well-being, rather the quality is of particular importance. Revitalized water offers pure joy of life. High-quality water is becoming more appreciated; we shouldn’t settle for just any water. GRANDER® water. Many people who experience the difference between revitalized and non-revitalized water are convinced and it’s clear: only revitalized water is poured in their glasses.
Finer and fresher taste.

We know now that water contributes considerable to the taste, bouquet and digestibility. Therefore, coffee and tea lovers swear by the proper water, apart from the beans and leaves of course. It must be light, fresh and revitalized in order to allow the aroma to unfold optimally.

It’s quite similar with flour and grain. Without liquid, it just doesn’t happen. Revitalized water brings more volume and size to the dough; it makes it lighter and more digestible. Small change, results in huge effects.

Bathing & showering

The revitalized water does both skin and hair good – GRANDER® refines and turns tap water into soft, feel-good water.

Relaxed bathing and refreshing showers take on a completely new quality. Thanks to GRANDER® less shampoo, shower gel or bath additives are needed to achieve the desired, clean effect including the positive side effects: your hair shines, the skin feels like it’s been exfoliated and your muscles are relaxed.