Action & outdoor fun in Nauders

Discover endless possibilities in Nauders – where nature unites, fascinates and thrills us. Go on an adventure and try tandem paragliding, canyoning, rafting or other fun activities. These are experiences you and your friends will never forget.

The outdoor specialists in Nauders customize the perfect adventure-plan for you. You definitely won’t be bored. Experience some really exciting moments with well-trained guides .


Flying high with the outdoor club Nauders – only a few steps away from the excitement. On almost any day of the year you can glide through the breathtaking landscape in and around Nauders with experienced tandem pilots. No prior knowledge required – the view and the feeling is open to anybody.


- special tours for family and kids -
- starter tours for teenagers and adults –
- hardcore tours for the adventurers –

Everybody can find a suitable tour. Paddle through the Tyrolean wild water together with your group – excitement is guaranteed . Action, fun, adventure and more – discover the gigantic canyons between Nauders and Haiming.


According to the outdoor club Nauders, “canyoning starts where simple hiking ends”. Well-secured and together with your licensed guides, cross fast-running rivers and waterfalls, discover caves and climb ravines. This is where you can discover a breathtaking, pure nature. Rappel from up to 40 m, jump down natural slides and gullies and enjoy the highlight of every tour: the natural pools. In and around Nauders, you will find the most beautiful canyons in Central Europa. We are right in the middle of it.