The best is just good enough...

With a lot of passion and personal commitment, we have converted the Nowders into a prime address for a special vacation. When selecting materials and furniture, we handpicked high-quality materials and a tasteful interior selection. Oak parquet, real wooden beds, underfloor heating, rain showers, make-up mirrors, ceramic glass cooktops, dishwashers, cozy bed linen, and plenty of space and views of the surroundings. Geothermal energy and soon also a photovoltaic system are our contributions to green energy.

The Nowders currently has 5 beautiful apartments in various sizes between 38 and 130 m^2^ and parking in front of the house. For the season of 2017/18 we plan on adding a playroom and a nicely designed garden with sunloungers and a barbecue grill on the sunny side of the house.

We respect your privacy and want you to feel at home. However, if you need anything, you can always find your host family just across the street – in the bakery. There, you will also find deliciously smelling specialties for your breakfast – delivered to your door daily upon your request!